100 Happy Days #7

Here are my latest pictures from the 100 Happy Day Challenge! Read my previous update here.




I’ve been looking for some cute, affordable fairy lights for my room ever since I moved in in September. I was in Primark last Wednesday and found these ones for £6! I snatched them up, as most of the other ones I’ve seen have been at least £15. I love them!







On Thursday my girlfriends and I celebrated Galentine’s day! I wrote a post about it hereWe had some delicious cocktails along with some fantastic food in our local Caribbean/Jamaican restaurant!






My uni is currently in the process of refurbishing the library, and on Friday I ventured in to take a look at the newly opened 6th floor (the one with most of the books I’ll need). I know it makes me pretty lame, but I love libraries. I spend a lot of time in ours and I’m really glad they’ve decided to re-furbish it – it was definitely in need of some TLC before!






On Saturday I finally bit the bullet and watched Frozen. I’ve been meaning to watch it for months. A Disney musical movie starring Idina Menzel? Sounds like heaven to me! And it did not disappoint. As predicted, I haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack all week.







My lovely housemate’s mum made me this roast after I tweeted saying I was craving one! my housemate then brought it home for me to pop in the microwave. I polished it off in record time. So good.







Speak of the devil, here is said housemate! We all went out on Monday night to our local club and I took this picture at predrinks!








Okay, ‘scuse the selfie but I was pretty excited yesterday. I decided to have an impromptu trip home for the rest of the week. I’ve been missing home lately (hence the tweet about craving a roast) and for one reason or another don’t have to be in uni Wednesday-Friday! So I hopped on a train back down to Sussex.







As I’m back home I decided to take the dog for a walk today on the South Downs! She’s such a cutie (although very naughty – she rolled in as much sheep’s mess as she could when my back was turned)!


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