100 Happy Days #1

I have decided to do the 100 Happy Days challenge! I was out for dinner the other night with a couple of friends, and one of them mentioned that she knew some people doing a challenge where you have to take a new picture every day of something you’ve done that made you happy, and upload it to facebook, instagram or twitter along with #100happydays. Well, I immediately thought ‘I want to do this’.

I am the sort of person who gets very stressed out (I have been planning my uni essays since November and they aren’t due in until next week!), and during stressful times I find I can often forget about the stuff in my life that actually makes me really happy. So anything that reminds me is something I’m interested in doing!

So, as soon as I got home from dinner I did a quick google search and foundĀ their website,
and signed up to do the challenge. I have decided to keep a week by week diary of the pictures on this blog, because I wanted to have them all in one place where I could see them together. If you guys are interested, I’ll be blogging about it every Wednesday!


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