100 Happy Days #10

Here’s my latest photos from my 100 Happy Days challenge! Check out the other posts here.



My housemate and I went to a onesie social at uni last week, which was fun! Unfortunately it was pretty short notice and the only one I have is a tiger one, complete with massive snout… Made for an interesting look!









Anyone else seen the new 3 advert on telly? It’s my new favourite thing. It involves a little girl cycling around her street belting out We Built This City by Starship. I know, completely normal behaviour.








Another housemate is a bit of a budding artist, and she painted me this beautiful kingfisher. I love it, it’s taken pride of place on my bedroom wall above my desk!









I played the game Cards Against Humanity for the first time on Saturday. It’s such a funny game! It’s pretty bad taste, so if you’re not a fan of that then it’s probably not for you, but we all found it great fun!








The sun decided to rear it’s head on Sunday, and it was actually warm enough to sit outside to eat. I know, usually unheard of until at least June!








I did some cooking on Monday night and had to chop up a bunch of parsely. I’d forgotten how good the smell of it is! It instantly took me back to childhood holidays in France and eating endless bowls of mussels with a white wine and cream sauce… not a typical dish for an 8 year old to love, but I guess I liked to break stereotypes!








I decided to do something a little bit different with my hair on Tuesday, so went for this French Plait half-up style! What do you think of it? Would you like me to do a tutorial of it?







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