100 Happy Days #12

Sorry for the slight lack in pictures this week, I’ve been crazy busy with uni and stuff so have unfortunately missed out the last 2 days of the challenge! I’ll still do 100 pictures though, I’ll just add 2 days on at the end. If you’re wondering what all this 100 Happy Days business is about, check out my other posts here!





One of my friends decided it would be fun to take his own instagram on Wednesday… this was the result!







My friend and I had to watch the film Angels in America for one of our uni modules because we’re studying the play, so we grabbed some snacks and had a lovely night in!







I have the luxury of having my car with me at uni for the next few weeks and I am loving the independence! At home I share it with my brother who usually uses it to get to and from school, but he very kindly parted with it so I could have it for a bit. I went grocery shopping the other day and literally filled the boot with as much heavy duty stuff as I could!






On Saturday I went to a blogger meet in Hull! Organised by the lovely Charleyit was such a nice afternoon! Congrats to her for managing to arrange it all, I know there were countless emails sent but it all came together on the day! Full post to come soon. This was a little OOTD I took just before leaving! I found the top in New Look last week and instantly loved it. I paired it with some jeans and this aztec print navy jacket!




I decided to catch up on some blogging on Sunday afternoon and found myself in the library! I think this is such a great environment to work (it may or may not have featured on a couple of other instagrams) because it’s so light and just has a general good vibe. It’s just been renovated and the new decor has definitely benefited it. It’s pretty much always packed now (but there’s still always enough plug outlets – dreams really can come true)!


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