100 Happy Days #3

Here’s the last 7 days of my 100 Happy Days instagrams! You can read the last one here.



For those of you who don’t know, it’s exam period at uni right now, which meant that for about a week and a half the library was my favourite hangout spot. Luckily all my deadlines have passed now so I can just relax and have fun. Oh, and blog of course! This picture is from last Thursday when my housemate and I decided to spend the day in the library together as we were sick of having no one to chat to when we got bored. Probably not the most productive idea, but we enjoyed it so that’s the main thing…





On Friday night I decided to be positively wild and have a manicure and movie evening in. I watched The English Teacher, which my mum recommended to me. It starred Julianne Moore and being a rom-com about English and Theatre, was right up my street.




This was my lunch on Saturday before heading off to the library again. I find that when I have a lot of assignments due, I make the most of my meals because there’s not much else exciting happening in my life! Cooking is also a great way to procrastinate. I mushed up some avocado to make homemade guacamole, and had it with some olives and a ham salad pita – yummy!





On Sunday night I watched Blue Valentine, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. For some reason it really struck a chord with me. You know when you watch a film and you can’t stop thinking about it for the whole day afterwards? That’s what happened after I watched this. But maybe that’s just because I’m very definitely in love with Ryan Gosling…







Monday was by far my HAPPIEST day this week, because it was the day I handed in my last assignment of the semester! Such a satisfying feeling when you finally post it through that letterbox.







To celebrate having nothing to do anymore – not counting all the reading for the coming semester I should be doing right now instead of writing this –  my lovely housemate Ruth (the one in the first picture) and I decided to have a pj and movie afternoon. We watched What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which neither of us had seen before!





Okay, I caved. I’ve been putting off getting this lipstick for a while (3 weeks is a while, right?) but knowing my housemate Steph works at Debenhams and has a staff discount was just TOO tempting. This is my first Bobbi Brown purchase, and it’s a good ‘un! It’s their Sheer Lip Colour in the shade Rosy. I saw this on Essiebutton’s 2013 Makeup Awards video, and immediately thought: I need that. I have been looking for ages for a red lipstick that I can wear out in the day without thinking oh my god, I’m wearing red lipstick and it’s not dark outside, people are staring at me. This is that lipstick, folks. 


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