100 Happy Days #6

These are the latest pictures I’ve posted on my instagram for the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I haven’t been counting them as I go along, so I thought it was about time I did and I am up to 35 days now! I am pretty impressed/surprised I haven’t given up yet, but am actually enjoying the challenge of finding something (and remembering to take a picture of it) that makes me happy! You may notice there’s only six photos in this post, and that’s because I haven’t yet taken one for today, so there’ll be an extra one next week.



I am loving Modern Family at the moment! I seem to go through phases of watching TV shows. I binge for a few weeks on one show non-stop and then won’t watch it at all for a few months (I’m in one of those phases with New Girl right now – I really should start watching that again, it is hilarious). Anyway, at the moment I’m binging on Modern Family season 4! I love all the characters, but I think Phil is probably my favourite. His classic quotes are the best. ‘WTF – why the face?’ BEST moment ever (if you’re a MF fan you’ll know what I’m talking about)!




I visited my friend Harriet at the weekend for her 21st birthday! She’s at uni in Durham and was having a ’90’s Kids’ themed party (because we are all kids from the 90’s, funnily enough). You had to dress up as anything that reminded you of your childhood. I chose a slightly Fresh Prince inspired look / just general 90’s style – tie dye shirt and baseball hat, and Harriet was Posh Spice! It was so nice seeing her. We spent the day eating loads of yummy food (tapas for dinner and then tea and cake the next day – yum) and went out in the evening. It’s really handy as Durham is pretty close to Hull so I can visit her easily!




I had a massive chocolate craving on Saturday when I was coming home from Durham, and knew I didn’t have any in the house, so was a bit naughty and bought this chocolate tiffin from Costa while I was waiting for my train to arrive. They are just too good to resist!








I have been going through a nude nails phase recently. I bought Barry M Gelly in Lychee last week, which I like, but it’s not quite a nude-y as my fail safe Essie Jazz. I’m wearing that here. I love it so much I’ve almost finished the bottle.







I decided to try making cauliflower mash the other day instead of regular mashed potato. It’s a lot easier to make (it blends easily with a stick blender which potatoes do not do), and it’s really low in carbs! I find making mashed potatoes is a bit hit and miss, sometimes it’s great, others it’s really lumpy and just gross. But I love cauliflower so thought I’d try this, and it was really good. You just add a knob of butter and blend it up. Taste-wise, My grandma used to make carrot and swede mash for me when I was little, and it reminded me a lot of that. I had it with roasted baby carrots (slightly overdone – oops), peas and a Thai Prawn fishcake I bought at my local supermarket. Yummy meal, and not tooo high in fat/carbs!




Last night I went to see a Bouncers at Hull Truck Theatre! It was such a funny show and, fun fact, John Godber (the playwright) founded Hull Truck! I loved the show and definitely recommend you going to see it if you’re in the area. It’s playing all week!


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