100 Happy Days #8

Here’s my 100 Happy Days snaps from the last week. Check out my previous post here!




I went home for a few days last week, and on Thursday mum and I decided to pop into Brighton for some shopping! We had lunch at Bill’s, a rustic restaurant that serves delicious food. This is the mediterranean mezze platter I had, but they do a variety of types of food – english, american and european! They have quite a few chains now too, so I recommend checking them out if there’s one near you.






I met my friend on Friday for a catch-up and a dog walk! It was a beautiful sunny day, although the mud was almost flowing over the tops of my wellies at some points on the walk!








I went into London to see a play on Saturday. Another beautiful sunny day, and a great view of St Paul’s Cathedral from the south bank.








I travelled back up to Hull on Sunday and while I was waiting for my train I grabbed some lunch in Leon. This was the first time I’d tried it, although I have been tempted a number of times before! I had a chilli chicken wrap and it was really yummy! I’ll definitely be stopping there more often now.







My home football team were playing against Hull on Monday, so a couple of friends and I trundled off to watch it! It was a really fun evening out and was something none of us had done before, even though Brighton ended up losing – booo.







Just another picture of my food – chicken and mushroom pie. Om nom nom. ‘Nough said.









I have had a craving for pink lemonade ever since I bought this Raspberry Lemonade Blistex lip balm a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I decided to make some (it’s actually surprisingly easy) to satisfy my craving! I’m going to be drinking it all week now, yum.


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