100 Happy Days #9

Here’s my instagram pics from this week’s #100happydays. You can check out the rest here and follow me on instagram here!



I made a cheeky order from Feel Unique the other day for a couple of the things I put on my beauty wishlistI got the Real Techniques Duo-Fibre set and the legendary Nuxe Rive De Miel lip balm. So far loving both purchases!







A gorgeous sunset from the top floor of our library! So lucky to have an amazing environment like this to work in.










A few friends decided to make the most of the weather and go for a kick-around at the weekend. I tagged along to get out the house, but there’s no way I’m becoming a pro footie player any time soon. I enjoyed watching from the sidelines though!







My friend Steph and I watched Grease on Sunday night. Every time I see it I can’t get over how amazing Olivia Newton John looks in those black disco pants. I really should start going to the gym again…









Coldplay released their new single, Magic the other day and it’s safe to say I’ve been playing it on repeat ever since. I was chilling out the other evening in my room listening to it!









Unless you were hiding under a rock, you’ll have probably realised from your twitter feeds that yesterday was Pancake Day. A glorious day dedicated to the eating of pancakes and nothing else… well, if you want to take it seriously. I didn’t go that far, but I did enjoy several tasty treats for dessert. We had a little group pancake-making sesh! I went for dark chocolate in the middle of mine and it was top notch, even if I do say so myself.


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