Review: Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Foundation



Probably almost 2 months ago now, I ran out of my L’Oreal True Match Foundation (review here). I seriously love that stuff for winter, but when going shopping to replace it, decided I wanted to try something slightly more dewy and moisturising for the summer months. Enter Bourjois Healthy Mix. The shade light vanilla (51) is the perfect match for my pale skin most of the year-round (pre-holiday tanning sessions)!!

Let’s start with the scent. This is a pretty unique scent compared to other foundations I’ve tried, and at first I wasn’t at all sure about it. It’s very fruity – apricots come to mind (although that might just be because there’s a picture of an apricot on it). After using the product a few times, though, the scent grew on me and now I really enjoy that kick of fruitiness at the start of my makeup routine! After a few minutes you can’t smell it on your face, which in my opinion is a good thing as I think it would become sickly if you could. I thought I’d mention the scent first because if you’re sensitive to scented products, I’d say this foundation probably wouldn’t be the best option.

Now, the really good stuff – the formula. This formula does everything I expected and hoped it would when I dropped it into my shopping basket. It’s pretty lightweight – one pump is enough for a good skin day, and 2-3 on a bad one. Very buildable. It’s easy to blend because it’s very fluid and definitely leaves me with glowing, dewy skin! I do find a powder is necessary at least on my T-zone and under my eyes, and in the particularly hot and sticky weather we have at the moment I like to dust it all over my face as this foundation isn’t mattifying at all. But that wasn’t what I wanted from it, so it doesn’t bother me! My favourite thing about this product is that you can guarantee there will be no dry-patch-clinging (you know the type) in sight after buffing it in.

The not-so-good? Well it lasts pretty well, but I’m not sure I could vouch for its claims at lasting 16 hours. By the end of a long day (probably around 12 hours) my makeup looks pretty tired and it would definitely need re-applying if I was going out again. However that also isn’t really a problem for me as I don’t go out often at the moment, and if I do I always have time to pep up my makeup. Also, the packaging isn’t anything to write home about. It’s nice enough, and functional with a pump. I guess this reflects the drugstore price of £10 (although it is one of the more pricy drugstore foundations)!

Overall though, I’m really impressed with this foundation. It’s luminous without being greasy or adding an iridescence. It just makes you look like you have really healthy skin, so I guess the name is apt!


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