Bear With Me!

I’m aware I haven’t been able to blog as much in recent weeks. This is mainly due to exam stress and the fact that I have about a million assignments due very soon. I absolutely love blogging, but it’s such a competitive ball-game and I’m aware that if you don’t keep your site fresh and update it regularly, it’s very easy to get left behind. I’m sure hundreds of new blogs are being started every day, so for one person to try and keep up with the market is pretty tough, especially when it’s a hobby more than anything else.

I’m going to be blogging a bit less over the next couple of months, but I will get back into a regular routine during the summer when I have less to think about work-wise. So this post is just to say bear with me! I still really love blogging and sharing my thoughts with you all, and I hope you enjoy perusing my content enough to be patient with me. I’ll still be posting at least once a week, but can’t guarantee it will be more frequent than that. I know I don’t have a massive readership at the moment but I’m so appreciative of all of you lovely lot who do read my blog, it makes me so happy and pretty incredulous that you find my little life interesting enough to read about!

One way I’d love to keep the blog updated is with some guest posts, so if you fancy writing one in the next month or so, do let me know! Drop me a tweet or an email with any thoughts you have.

Much love x


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