Bouncers at Hull Truck Theatre

Last week I went to see Bouncers at Hull Truck. Although this is a pretty well-known play, I had never heard of it (and me, a drama student – scandalous)! Quite  a few of my friends studied it at school, and said it was a really good play, but I guess I missed out on the Bouncers education! Either way, I was excited to see it. The play was written by John Godber, one of the artistic directors at Hull Truck Theatre, and I love how the theatre showcases new plays/playwrights, so I was looking forward to seeing what the founder had to offer! And, of course, he did not disappoint.

Firstly, the play is hilarious. It had me in fits of giggles (along with the rest of the audience) as I watched and realised that I do oh so many things that the characters in the play do! For those who don’t know, the play is a series of sketches that centre around 4 club bouncers and the groups of party-goers they encounter. With just four actors in the whole play, they multirole all the different characters. There’s a group of four adolescent boys, and the girls they are trying to pick up at the club, as well as various other characters along the way. One particular scene struck extremely close to home in terms of how I behave with my friends in a club (think la-ing most of the words because you only really know the chorus and exclamations of ‘Oh my god I love this song!’ when the track changes).

In terms of this production, its simple set was an asset. It enhanced what I felt was the best part of the play: the acting. I thought all four actors did a great job at capturing the humour behind their multiple characters. I also loved the soundtrack made up of 80’s chart hits which were all, to be honest, pure tunes.

Although this play is an 80’s classic, it’s from a small theatre company in Wakefield so it’s not a massive production, which is probably one of the reasons it was performed at Hull Truck. Unfortunately it was only on for a week, but it was an excellent play, so if you hear of a production coming to a theatre near you (oh dear, I sound like an advert) then I definitely recommend checking it out!


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