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Cruelty Free Redhead Haircare

Cruelty Free Redhead Haircare & Curling Routine

This video is extremely highly requested and I finally got round to filming it for you. I had put it off for long enough. If you’re interested in finding out how to style your hair I hope you find my Cruelty Free Redhead Haircare & Curling Routine video helpful.

Lush Big Shampoo
Lush Veganese Conditioner
Lush Fluff-ease Treatment
Swell Protect and Restore Serum
CoLab Dry Shampoo – just been re-packaged and not sure they have the same scent anymore, but I just bought ‘paradise’ and it’s tropical heaven.
PLEASE leave recommendations for a cruelty free hairspray – I can’t find one I love!

Babyliss Curling wand – I have it on setting

Thanks for watching!




End titles and curling routine:
Lost In The Night (ft. Pipa Moran) by THBD
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…
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