DUPE for Benefit Roller-Lash Mascara!

DSC00613 DSC00619 DSC00603I was one of the hundreds who couldn’t wait to get my hands on this month’s copy of Elle magazine for the sample of Benefit’s brand new Roller Lash Mascara. I’m a massive fan of They’re Real and currently use it as my every day mascara – I think it gives just the right balance in volume and length. However, when opening the mini tube of Roller-Lash, Benefit’s latest mascara release, I immediately saw similarities to my beloved Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara – which is half the price!

Don’t get me wrong, I like Benefit’s version. I just think the Max Factor one does exactly the same thing, and adds a bit more volume! Roller Lash claims to grip to your lashes, curling them ‘hair-roller’ style, and in fairness I did find it very lengthening. However, I also found that a lot of excess product comes out on the wand (actually I found this with They’re Real too) meaning that it can make my lashes look a bit spidery if I don’t wipe the excess off on the side of the tube first.

So what are the similarities to Max Factor’s Clump Defy? They both have plastic wands, which I personally prefer over natural fibres. They’ve both got the curved thing going on, which I’ve seen in quite a few mascaras, although these are the only 2 I’ve actually tried. What I love about They’re Real is that the wand is really unique, so I was disappointed to see this relatively common type of wand with Roller Lash.

The differences? The Max Factor one is really lengthening and volumising, whereas I really couldn’t get much volume out of Roller Lash at allThe Max Factor ones also comes in 2 formulas, regular and water resistant, while the Benefit one doesn’t. In the picture above you can see Roller Lash on my left eye and Clump Defy on the right. I should point out that my tube of Clump Defy has pretty much dried out (I bought it wayyyy back around October time), which means it doesn’t look nearly as lengthening as it does in the first couple of months of use. I’ve got quite a few different mascaras on the go at the moment, hence why I haven’t bought a new tube yet! To see it in all it’s lengthening glory check out this FOTD post.

My friend Charley once told me that with wands like this you’re supposed to use the flat side first for volume, and then flip the wand over and comb your lashes through with the curved side to lengthen. I don’t know if that’s a real ‘thing’ but I can tell you it definitely works for me with the Max Factor one! Like I say, with the Benefit I can’t really get any volume.

I know Roller Lash is a very hyped up product and if you’re thinking of buying it I would urge you to try the Max Factor one first. I first used it last summer and instantly loved it, but I haven’t really seen any reviews from other bloggers! The Max Factor one is £10 as opposed to Benefit’s £20, and I can safely say I won’t be investing in the full size of the Benefit version when such a great dupe is already available!



  1. Lesley June 9, 2015 / 7:06 pm

    I made a point of deciding which eye I thought looked the best, before you revealed what you had done! I preferred the look on your right eye and was even more surprised when you said it had dried out a bit from the first times you had used it. Mind you, I once put rimmel mascara on one eye and chanel on the other and you couldn’t tell any different at all! Even the wearability was the same. Thanks for the review:)

  2. Lesley June 9, 2015 / 7:07 pm

    Forgot to ask, have you tried the Maybelline Sensational at all? This is consider to be a dupe as well.

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