Hull Blogger Meet!

On Saturday I attended my friend Charley’s first blogging event in Hull! It was fab to have a blogging event so close to home, and organised by a fellow student – it gives me hope that one day I will be able to organise my own event!

The afternoon took place at The English Musewhich is the most adorable little café! It has vintage decor, so when you step through the doors it feels like you’re stepping back in time into an old English tea-room, but it has the benefit of having huge bay windows so that it’s still light – I often find vintage places can be very dark! I’ve visited The English Muse a few times for drinks and cake, and every time it’s been delicious. Personally, I’m not a lover of hot drinks, but they sell Fentiman’s Victorian Lemonade, which I always order because I love cloudy lemonade! They also do an array of cold drinks and other Fentiman’s drinks, as well as milkshakes piled high with cream and marshmallows and all manner of teas and coffees. They’ve just renovated a new function room upstairs which we had the pleasure of occupying. The vintage theme continues here with a gorgeous period fireplace, huge gilt mirror and cute bookshelves storing various ornaments and old books! As I’m sure you can imagine, it made a lovely setting for the meet.

We arrived and ordered drinks (I, of course, got the afore-mentioned lemonade – mmm) and then settled in to have a chat about all things blogging. There were a few faces I recognised from the Meadowhall meet the week before, but for the most part I’d never met the other bloggers there, and it was lovely to get a chance to have a natter with them! Megan from studentstylexo and I had a long chat because this was the first time we’d actually met in person, even though I wrote a guest post for her blog a couple of weeks ago! For me, it was great to talk to bloggers who have been doing it for longer than me. I’m still a newbie at this and I love hearing other people’s stories and tips!

Charley did a great job at organising. I know she spent hours sitting behind her laptop screen emailing dozens of people, and the hard work certainly paid off. Not only was there a brilliant turn-out for the event, but the goodie bags were enormous! Needless to say we were all incredibly excited to root through them! She also did a raffle with some bigger beauty prizes, where I was lucky enough to nab a set of Nanshy face brushes – review to come soon. If you’re thinking of hosting a meet-up but are at a loss as to where to begin, I recommend popping Charley a tweet or email and ask how she went about it. She’s so lovely and will be more than happy to help/give advice! She’s also got a great blog post with loads of hosting tips here.

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon with some wonderful people! If you’re wanting some new blogs to read, here are all the details of who was at the hull blogger meet…

Charley (the host) –

Megan –

Jennie –

Alex –

Mary –

Emily –

Hannah –

Mars –

Kate –

Lucy –

Abbey –

Jade –

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