January Beauty Favourites

First, let me apologise for the lack of posts in the last week. Things have been a little unorganised recently after finishing my exams. But I’ve now started classes again for this semester and am going to get into a routine and post fairly regularly here on the blog, so be sure to keep checking back!

Here are a few of the products I’ve been loving this month – some old, some new…




Chloé de Roses Eau de Toilette – I won’t go into too much detail about this because I did a review of it last week. If you didn’t see that, you can read it here. But let me just say that this fragrance has quickly become one of my firm favourites. Think the original Chloé Eau de Parfum scent, mingled with the gorgeous smell of roses – heaven.

The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter – The next two products are shea scented, so you may guess that I am a little obsessed with all things shea right now. That or almond scented, and I’m like a moth to a flame. I just think they smell really earthy and nourishing (although, I’m not sure if I knelt down and sniffed the earth ‘nourishing’ would be the first thought that came to mind… but that’s besides the point). This product is so hydrating as well. I keep it on my desk and by my bed to use whenever my lips need a quick pick-me-up.

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Daily Body Lotion with Nourishing Shea Butter – I have been using this product for a few years now. I think I first picked it up in Boots when I was looking for a good moisturiser, probably in the winter (I get dry skin around this time of year, along with many of the Earth’s population). It’s really cheap, and it works like a dream. I’ve also been using this on my face, about 10 minutes before applying my makeup as, like I say, my skin gets particularly dry in the winter and I’m finding that I need a base for my foundation or it just won’t glide on evenly. I don’t have very sensitive skin, and I’m not sure that applying it to your face would be a good idea if you do, but it works for me! And it smells great (see shea butter reference).

Gosh Natural Blush in Flower Power – Let me just say, first of all – I am not definite that this is the shade I have because when I was undoing the packaging I accidentally ripped off part of the label, and now I can’t see what the name of the shade is. Rookie error. But after doing a quick google, I’m pretty sure I have ‘Flower Power’. This blush is a dark pink, but looks very bright in the compact. I was little apprehensive after getting it home that it was going to make me look like I was from the 80’s (If you don’t know what I mean, just type ’80’s blush’ into google images). But on application this really is a ‘natural blush’, just like it says on the tin. I’ve been using this for my every day makeup routine and find it gives that bit of extra warmth which is necessary in this weather!

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner Black – It took me a while to find the perfect eyeliner to be able to master the winged liner look. This is actually my second bottle of Barry M Liquid Eyeliner – I love it that much! The brush is just solid enough to mean that achieving a smooth flick is not tricky, which in my opinion is hard to find. So many liquid eyeliner applicators I’ve tested are too flimsy and do not lend themselves to an unsteady hand. For the product, I think this is good value too, and I expect I’ll be going back for my third bottle shortly!


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