Review: Burberry Fresh Glow B.B. Cream

DSC00349 DSC00348 DSC00361A couple of months ago I attended an event to celebrate the launch of a new Burberry counter at Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield. Prior to this, I hardly knew anything about the brand in terms of beauty. If someone had said the word ‘Burberry’ to me I would instantly think of trench coats, that infamous check pattern and maybe a perfume, but not makeup.

It seems, though, that the brand offers a whole host of beauty products from perfumes to bases, nail polishes and everything in between! The range has recently undergone a bit of re-brand and their perfume campaign featuring perhaps Britain’s most iconic models, Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, means the brand has taken the market by storm.

The counter itself was very luxurious-looking, with a minimal black, white and gold theme. The packaging followed this, with beautiful charcoal-grey metal, engraved with that check I was talking about. Very subtle and very sophisticated – nothing garish in sight. The creative team have clearly thought long and hard about the look of their brand, and the counter certainly stands out amongst the array of other silver Clinique-esque counters.

So, the products? Well, there is almost something for everyone. The colour range of the base products could be a tad more impressive, but in terms of eyeshadow and nail polish, they’ve pretty much got everything covered. They do a great liquid eyeliner and a brow pencil that has a similar look about it to the much-loved Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil (I haven’t actually compared the two in terms of formula but the angled nibs are very similar). The range is very pricey, but for a gift to someone special (or yourself) they really feel very luxurious.

I was lucky enough to be sent their Fresh Glow B.B. Cream in 01, £30* to try out. The packaging is lovely. Even though it’s in a squeezy tube there is a pump so it’s all sanitary, and the lid is metal which adds a touch of luxe.

I love using lighter bases in summer, but in the winter I tend to stick to my full-coverage favourites (Nars Sheer Glow, I’m looking at you). I was pleased that this provided enough coverage to give me an even skin-tone, but it doesn’t really cover blemishes and dark circles. I still have to go in with a generous amount of concealer.

The consistency of this is what is really lovely though. It genuinely just feels like I’m wearing moisturiser. It is described as a ‘luminosity skin perfecting beauty balm’ and boy does my skin glow! Typically this isn’t really coming across in the photo, but trust me, in real life it’s much more noticeable. It’s very dewy, even after powdering, but I like the finish. I feel like it makes my skin look a bit healthier. It’s worth noting that there’s SPF 20 in here as well!

I’m wearing it below with mascara and a tiny touch of concealer on my more, erm, angry spots (but not under my eyes) and you can see it evens out my skin-tone well. I used two pumps.

There is a downside, though. This is slightly too dark for my complexion in Winter, and it’s the lightest shade. It will be fine in the summer, but if you have a lighter complexion that me I would maybe go and test it in-store before purchasing.

Overall I like the product and I can see myself wearing it a lot when the warmer months roll around! If you’re in the market for a more expensive tinted moisturiser, I recommend checking out Burberry’s range.

*This product was not purchased by me, but all opinions are genuine. If I don’t like it, I don’t review it!


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