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You may remember that wayyyy back in March I attended the Hull Blogger Meet hosted by the lovely Charley. She ran a raffle and I was lucky enough to win this 5 piece Professional Brush Set by Nanshy*. It RRPs at £34.95 which comes in at just £6.99 per brush. When you compare this to the price of Real Techniques, you really are getting a bargain here. Especially as, in my opinion, these brushes are just as good as my RT ones. They’re soft, have loads of bristles that are densely packed together making applying foundation or cream blushers really easy. They do a great job of blending too. I also got the very cute and tiny Tapered Crease Brush* which is excellent for applying just the right amount of eyeshadow in the crease or outer corner – anyone else had those moments where they accidentally apply enough product to look like they’re wearing drag? Not that the drag look is necessarily a bad one, it’s just not ideal for an English lecture… Anyway, back to the point. Here’s what you get for your money in the five piece set:



Round Buffer Brush – I haven’t even picked up my RT Expert Face Brush since I tried applying foundation with thisand I used to swear by the Expert Face Brush so, yeah, I’d say it does a darn good job of blending in my foundation. I find after only a few short minutes of buffing my base looks flawless and even, which wouldn’t always be the case with the EFB. Nanshy’s version is slightly wider and flatter on the top, making it quicker to blend.


Flat Top Buffer Brush – This is another base brush, but as I only really need one in my brush set for that job (I tend to stick to one foundation until I’ve used it up), I’ve been using this brush for applying bronzer. It sits on the cheekbones of my cheeks nicely and doesn’t apply too much product so I don’t look like a tangerine. Bonus.


Pointed Brush – I absolutely adore this for applying concealer. I use it every morning and it’s great because it stops my hands getting mucky and blends like a dream. The pointed end means you can really get into all the nooks and crannies but it’s also big enough to get the job done quickly.


Flat Angled Buffer Brush – I always endeavour to be 100% honest with you here on SRH, and this is no exception. This is the only brush I have an issue with. Why? I hear you ask? You were raving about the others! Well yes, I do love the other brushes but, for me, this one sheds horrendously. I think it must be a faulty brush because I haven’t had this problem with any of the others, but from the moment I tried this one I was finding little black bristles all over my face. I think it would be great for foundation but I tend to steer clear unless I’m in dire need of a clean brush for blusher or bronzer.


Angled Buffer Brush – This one is great for applying brush, cream or powder! Even though it’s dense, the angled shape makes applying to the apples of your cheeks really easy and (have I mentioned?) it blends amazingly.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with Nanshy as a brand, and despite that one little shedding hiccough, I’d definitely order more from them. I’ve got my eye on the eye brush set next! What’s your favourite brand of brushes?


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