Review: OPI and Maybelline Brocade Nail Polishes


I recently purchased the Maybelline Color Show Brocade nail polish in Knitted Gold after watching this Essiebutton vlog. It was a limited edition range, and I think they may have since stopped selling it in UK drugstores, but you can probably still find them on Ebay. Now, I am a major fan of sparkly nails. Especially over the Christmas period. I think they are so festive and are ‘that something special’ to jazz up your look for Christmas or New Year. I have been wearing this with Essie Jazzwhich is a gorgeous nude and I think it complimented the gold glitter really well. I think sometimes glitter nail polishes can look a little OTT and – for want of a better word – tacky, but this one, in my opinion, is a subtle statement. That’s the best way I can think of describing it. It’s gold, but has hints of rose and some silver in it too, and when it’s applied it looks understated, but still has the glamour of the sparkles. I’ve worn this a LOT in the past month since I got it, because as well as being perfect for the festive period, I think glitter is a great way to combat the January blues! It is a little hard to get off though, as glitter nail polishes often are. Make sure you hold the cotton pad on your nail for a few seconds before rubbing the polish off.

Knitted Gold

Knitted Gold

My mum went to visit some friends who live in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, and consequently did a lot of her christmas shopping out there. I was so excited to find two OPI nail polishes waiting for me under the tree (from my brother, who has an in-depth knowledge of nail-polish, obviously). The colours were both sparkly ones – mum knows me so well – and they are gorgeous. The shades are The One That Got Away (part of Katy Perry’s collection) and Your Royal Shine-ness (Serena Williams’s).


The One That Got Away


Your Royal Shine-ness

I absolutely LOVE the formulas of these. They are sparkly, but again subtly so. It’s only noticeable when my nails catch the light, and I really like that they don’t kind of smack you in the face with a glitter overload. They also come off so easily. Like with the Maybelline Brocade, every single glitter nail varnish I’ve ever owned has been a real pain to remove. The glitter just clings to the nail. But these don’t have actual pieces of glitter in them. It’s more like the glitter is part of the formula itself rather than separate particles that have been thrown in, so it comes off as easily as any non-glittery nail polish. The colours are gorgeous too. The One That Got Away is a deep raspberry which is the sort of shade I’m loving at the moment. I think almost everything I’ve bought in the last couple of months has been burgundy, purple, plum or raspberry so this is right on trend for me. Your Royal Shine-ness is a lovely silver, and there’s always a right time for silver nails! I’ll be able to wear it all year round, whereas I think The One That Got Away is more of a winter shade.

Like I said, my mum bought these for me in the US, so as far as I know they’re not available in UK drugstores either, but I found them on good ol’ Amazon so I recommend having a hunt around the internet!


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