Review: Roses de Chloé Eau de Toilette



Today I’m reviewing yet another of the items that were waiting for me under the tree on Christmas day – Roses de Chloé, the latest perfume to be released by the brand. I have loved the original Chloé fragrance for years now. I think their Eau de Parfum was my first ‘signature scent’. I must have got it for a Christmas or birthday present when I was about 15 and, I realise now, used to go a bit OTT by spritzing it all over myself every day before school. Even now, though, I absolutely love the scent. I’ve already gone through both the Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Toilette, and have tried out a few different perfumes in between, but Chloé is always the one I go back to. I guess you could say it’s my fave. Actually, you could definitely say that. But, I have this thing where I don’t like buying the same perfume more than once. Because they last for about a year before they run out I feel like it’s a waste if I buy a new one before I’ve used up the other one. So instead I like to mix things up by choosing a different perfume every time, and wear it to death. Economically friendly? Yes. A little OCD? Probably. But there you go.  So, when I heard that they were releasing Roses de Chloé, which happened to coincide with both Christmas and me running out of the original Eau de Toilette, I was pretty excited.

The new perfume has the most gorgeous scent. It is very similar to that of the original, but the added notes of Rose just make it that bit more light and, dare I say, sophisticated. For me, it’s wearable all year round. Although it’s floral the muskiness makes it earthy enough to wear during Winter, while the lighter notes of rose and magnolia mean it’s still perfect for spring/summer. Needless to say, I think this will quickly become my new ‘signature scent’. It is pretty pricey, but in my opinion it’s well worth it!


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