Theatre Review: Knight of the Burning Pestle at The Globe


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This semester at uni I’m studying Jacobean Drama, and a few of the plays on the course are being performed at the new Sam Wannamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe in London! So while I was visiting home the other week I decided to get last-minute tickets for The Knight of the Burning Pestle to do some essay research. I was a little apprehensive about seeing it, mainly because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I enjoy going to watch Shakespeare plays but I haven’t been to see that many other plays from the same period, and I was worried that it wouldn’t grab my attention. Encouraged by the knowledge that it was a comedy, though, I went off to the city in a positive mood.

I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed it! Not only was it hilarious, but I thought the plot of the play was very modern. Phil Daniels and Pauline McLynn did a wonderful job of bringing their characters to life and were really funny. I also liked that there were 4 interludes (3 of them were just about 4 minutes long and one was a full length interval), in keeping with the original text and performance. The musical aspect of the play added a new dynamic as well, and all in all it had a very jovial atmosphere. Definitely a play to see if you’re looking for laughter and entertainment!

The theatre itself is beautiful. A candle-lit auditorium and an all wooden interior really takes you back to the 16th century and makes it as authentic as possible, much like the Globe’s outdoor theatre. It opened at the beginning of this season so it’s brand new. You can still smell the wood varnish and it is impeccably finished.

Overall, I recommend going to see this if you want to see a really clever comedy that will have you giggling for ages! It’s playing until the 30th March and tickets start at just £25! You can buy them online here.


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