Why I Love Vinyl

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I thought I’d make today’s post a little bit different. Last year for my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a record player. It’s something I’d wanted ever since I went travelling a few years ago. Whilst staying in Santa Cruz, CA, our bedroom had a record player. I got a tiny bit obsessed over the Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and, (best of all), the Annie Soundtrack that were all readily available for us to play to our heart’s content. From then on I was set on owning a record player of my own. After a year of having one, my record collection is already growing pretty fast! I love perusing record shops and finding hidden gems down the dusty, forgotten aisles that are always glorious treasure troves of vinyl.

When my mum told one of her friends she’d bought me a record player for my birthday, she said ‘I don’t understand why they’re getting back into fashion, it’s like going back to washing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher!’ I can see her point. When CD’s and digitally recorded music first emerged it must have seemed much better quality than vinyl. But for someone my age, who has always known music to be digitally recorded, there’s something pretty special about seeing a record spinning and there’s something very physical about the listening experience. You can actually see the needle working its way around the grooves and hear all the tiny imperfections, with no auto-tune to be found. There’s something you can’t quite put your finger on about listening to vinyl over digitally recorded music. It just sounds much more raw and, in my opinion, authentic. I also love being forced to listen to a record all the way through without being able to pause, rewind or fast forward. It means you can hear all the songs in the order the artist intended them to be, and it makes the message of the album so much more meaningful. I’ve had a lot of ‘ahh, so that’s what they’re getting at’ moments when listening to a record on vinyl that I just missed completely when I played it through my laptop!

So perhaps I am jumping on the bandwagon of ‘vintage hipsters’ or what have you, but the magic of vinyl has certainly won a place in my heart, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Do you have or have you ever wanted a record player, or do you think it’s just a fad and digital music is better?



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